Free Japanese courses for everyone

Are you interested in Japanese culture? And are you looking for free, high-quality resources for learning Japanese? Then you have come to the right place! On Super Nihongo Sunshine you will find all the resources you need : writing lessons, grammar, vocabulary and exercises to assess your knowledge. Don't wait any longer and start with the very first lesson.

Simple lessons

Simple, easy-to-understand lessons to help you master the Japanese language. My courses are designed to help you progress effectively. All aspects of the Japanese language are covered. You will not just learn vocabulary and grammar by heart, you will also learn intelligently.

Practical exercises

Practicing is the key to mastering a new language. That is why this site includes hundreds of translation exercises to help you practice and strengthen your Japanese skills. Translate from your native language to Japanese and vice-versa.

At your own pace

No stress, no pressure. Take the courses at your own pace, as you wish. I explain absolutely everything there is to know about the Japanese language through lessons organized according to a progressive difficulty curve. And don’t forget, it’s completely free! So enjoy.

Japanese culture

I firmly believe that mastering a language also involves understanding the culture of the people who speak the language. The lessons are therefore written in such a way as to skillfully mix vocabulary, grammar, conjugation but also cultural anecdotes. You will discover with wonder entire sections of the history and culture of this country.


All courses are available in six different languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan. If you have friends abroad who are just as interested in learning Japanese as you are, tell them about this site.

Visas, JLPT and others things

Obtain clear and precise information on the different types of visas: the student visa, the WHV, etc. Depending on your project, it is important to find out about the type of visa required before leaving. Do you want to take the JLPT but you do not know how it happens? Follow the link in the menu at the top left.

The Suica card

This is a great way to travel around Japan. This prepaid smart card allows you to use most trains in Tokyo, as well as the subway, bus, and monorail. It is a card that you can recharge yourself as soon as you reach your usage limit. In fact, the card is recharged each time you pass through a terminal while you are traveling. In Japan, you pay remotely, and the further you go, the more you pay.


If you have any questions, I invite you to consult the FAQ page. On this page, I answer questions you might ask.